Monday, December 5, 2011

Where 'why' isn't a question

Its the case where 'why' isn't a brilliant question to ask
When things just happen
And you're hoping you're in the right places when they do

So you care for someone too much
but you deny that you do.
Well, you may not even care if he is the right person; leave alone the question 'why'

So you typed him a text during the day,
but cancelled it all too often.
You think of him till you fall asleep,
smiling on the precious moments.

Picturing him in every step of the way makes future easier to take on;
his assuring presence sweeps away your fear of uncertainties.
You know that it isn't enough - this friendship bond,
cos you've fallen deep enough into a feeling no one can cease.

You could picture yourself just sharing anything
Be as helpful and trusting as you could possibly be
You watch your words to prevent hurting his feelings
Your cheeks often blush without you realising it

There's a night when you hung up and felt a rush that takes you away from biology; far away
You wonder if he ever think of the possibilities
Cos even the slightest thought means hellofalot to you

You wanna ask him questions that has answers you're even afraid to hear
Think you gonna tell him someday, somehow
Cos, damn, he just gotta know
But you won't say a thing cos you'll seem so weak,
and ya think..maybe it's easier to pretend for another week

Why? Why these unreasonable acts?
Lemme tell you, you'll never know.
You just feel what you do
Perhaps a reason sometimes is just not needed to understand
Cause all you need is a correct timing for each of the puzzle pieces to fall onto its place,
making your world seem more perfect without an obvious reason.


Monday, February 14, 2011

awe some ness

hey everyone! I read my previous post and I was like, it's been a year since I wrote? did Uni really make me that way? I better not comment on this one.

the title of this blog is based on my blog design, strangely enough for you guys who think that it's not really that awesome but you know what, I LOVE IT. the fonts, the colours, everything. I'm back here in my home country, enjoying my holiday which lasts no more than 8 days. I know, how unfortunate. it has been a great great holiday, one of my unforgettable ones. my family is, as always, amazing, my friends are super cool and myself just a complementary.

okay what now, after holidays? that's right, school is back. or I'm back to school, whichever you prefer. I'm actually looking forward to this semester as I'm hoping that this would be a better year, fingers and toes crossed. I hope I could enjoy myself more in studying and I really hope I would be able to manage my time to do the things that I love. Like this blog, I don't want to isolate it like I did. Like drawing, I would want more sketches. Like sports, I would want more sweat on my cheeks. Of course, we couldn't forget that school is number one could we?

Well well well, not like the Duffy way (I forgive you if you don't get it), it has been raining and raining the whole day. and oh, it's 14th of Feb today. I didn't even realise it's valentine until two days ago. Yeah yeah, irrelevant.

There's a lot of stuff that I wanna write about, but maybe next time alright. Don't wanna bother about them now, my brain is actually quite loaded right now.

Till I write again then :)


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


hello :)
I've started Uni, feels great. almost 18 now eh, time flies! there are times when I feel sick of growing up, but well, what can we do except keep doing what I've been doing. Uni, social life, family.. Just keep myself busy and growing up wouldn't be much of a hassle. As long as I keep everybody happy, family esp, then I'm happy. :)

so... O-week huh. interesting.. so many new faces. packed tram.. couldn't breathe inside yknow, like this morning, I couldn't even reach my phone in my bag. literally couldn't move. I find this Orientation good, cos when are you getting this lots of chances anymore dude, to know people. the thing is people wanna know you too, and so it builds up the atmosphere if you get what I mean. I honestly love it, but it's tiring. I was very sleepy and not feeling v well.. haha but it's alright. I know more people, both locals and internationals.. it's cool.

another reason why O-week and Uni both are fun, is that it connects you more to the world I guess? keeps reminding me that I'm not stuck in the middle of nowhere and I think the word is 'more global'. If you imagine the world and the people in it, how small we are. I'd be like a tiny little little spot from trillions of people.. and I don't wanna be that small, I want the connection. I wanna know a lot of people and not stuck in a bubble of my own petite world. yknow you have everybody else out there. it's not just you, it's about everybody..

yeah I guess that's all.


long time ago, I wrote this the night after ...

And so I came
I know the risk of seeing you again
but I still came anyway,
despite my mind was saying not to.

And so we chat
Although I tried to be as normal,
I know I showed my awkwardness
When I saw you talking, facing me
(peep, censored - too cheesy)

You know, other friends know you better
I don't, I'd like to
I really wanna know you, wanna be
someone who perhaps know you better than anyone else
Someone you can confide to
Some friend
That's enough, if you didn't know

Monday, January 25, 2010


hello brothers and sisters. im telling ya God let me take the chance and i have pursued my holiday with peace so far. and i have taken the chance, just that i havent started working on it.

well, i guess my life back home is getting interesting each day. good for me. my family is the best. im here right now, typing, thinking, breathing fresh air and smiling cos of them (a bit cheesy but its a fact!). ok just bear with me a sec, im getting to my point. family is everything to me, like i need anybody else nomore. they're givin me everything i need, and craving for somebody else seems to have no point logically. friends are friends, well some friends are just better to me than others in some ways. close friends are always good and i appreciate them so much. i love the laughs that we always have and the fact that we'll share the same future. makes me scare it no more.

the hard thing about friends is there's always someone in particular who is being envied more by me. the feeling is as complicated as it sounds in my previous sentence. okay this is as far as i'd go for this particular person.

hmm what other stuff.. im learning german, still in the method of love it to learn it tho. oh yeah ive got my visa, and im going back more or less in two weeks time.. yea yea the tears, its certainly gonna be on my cheeks. just something that i always have to go thru. but im alright w that.

okay today's gonna be a long day, hope everythings fine. cao~


Monday, December 7, 2009

oh shoot

hey. ive been homesick but now im 'healed' (if thats even the word). im back to indo. yay. so what now, lets see.

our results will be coming out on the 14th of dec. this is damn damn scary. like my fate. like our fate. one year has passed and dont tell me that it's so fast, i heard it too much. what i can do now is only hope that my hardwork pays off yknow, yea we can't do anything else anymore. we have done so much - weve slacked, weve cramped and weve studied hard. quite hard, i guess. and it better pays off srsly. im rly worried right now, like i cant even explain, but i think everyone knows the feeling. it sucks.

well lemme describe how it sucks. it really makes you to wait for the day to finally see whether youre good enough, despite either ways you know you deserve what you get. but theres also part of you that makes you dont want that day to come by that fast, cos if the result isnt as what you expected your holiday will suck, lemme tell you. suck alot. like even holiday doesnt even feel like one. you'll think that "okay lemme get myself a knife or a rope" ha-ha well ok, not that bad if you have your family around to cheer you up.

i htae tihs felenig!! arhggg im turning mad.... madness is what i am right now.

in conclusion, i want that day to come fast! whether im in or out of melb uni, just gimme the result and let me pursue my holiday in warmth and peace. thank you.


Friday, October 30, 2009

it's amazing how u don't care...

okayy whatev, tmoro's a new day
let's expect new things, new stuff

im so tired todayy~